Monday, August 23, 2010

And so it begins....

Hello, all.

After seeing that everyone and their dog has a blog, I started thinking.  I'm funny, witty, and all around brilliant so why wouldn't everyone want to read what I have to say....  Oh, wait.  Sorry I turned into Phil there for a second.  Love you, honey.  Really, Facebook only gives me so much satisfaction these days so I finally sat down to start this thing.

First, it was going to be a weight loss blog because I've started the uphill journey to a size two.  That will only take me so far.  It's a battle I need to complete on my own.  So really, what this blog will be about will be the daily happenings of this hairstylist.  

Starting with the most exciting news to date, I'm working on an indie film based out of Norman.  It's called Rolling Stoned.  I am their Make-Up Department Head.  A big step for a small town girl, no?  I thought so.  We started filming last week and it has already been exhausting.  But, cest la vie.  Such is this industry that I choose to live, breathe, and otherwise immerse myself in.  I couldn't be happier.  Everybody knows for the most part, the ins and outs of film making thanks to so many Behind the Scenes bonus features on DVDs nowadays.  So I have decided to go another route with how I chronicle this experience...

Welcome to "Stupid Shit Actors Say or:  Why The Screen Actors' Guild and Writer's Guild of America are Separate Orginizations".  In this section of what I hope to be biweekly posts, I will be listing the things that fly out of my actors' mouths be they funny, bitchy, or a blatant butchering of the English language. Since the blog is new, you get a two-fer.  

I am starting with this gem of an exchange between my male lead and my production manager.
"Nobody is answering their phones.  Who is supposed to pick me up?"--Actor
"Did you really just call me at 7:15 AM to ask me how you are supposed to get across the street in your own damn vehicle?"--PM
"I um....the call sheet is wrong."--Actor
"Listen, sweetie, it's not my job to get you to the set.  You have a car."--PM
"Then who's job is it?"--Actor

And my personal favorite, this one is between a completely different actor and I.  He is trying to tell me how to do my job.
"I want it see through.  More opaque.  Grease has a definite opacity to it."--Actor
"I see.  Would you like it more redundant too?"--Me
My director responded by spitting his coffee out, hugging me, and telling me I was amazing.

There are plenty of others to be sure, but after three fifteen hour shooting days in a row, my brain is a tad melted.  Until next time.


  1. you wish you were as awesome as me!

    It's addicting. Be prepared.
    Love you!

  3. The creation of this blog literally made me scream! I said "Oh Devon added a website. AHH!!! Its a blog!!!"

  4. SO glad to have you here in the blog world! I cant wait to read about your adventures!